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Busbar Kit for LFP Prismatic Cells

Regular price $349.00 USD
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Cell Type
S and P
Max Current

Product Specifications:

  • Copper busbars rated at 200A (300A available upon request)
  • Configurations
    • 51V - 16S2P assembly for two rows and 16 columns
    • 24V - 8S2P assembly for two rows and 8 columns
  • Designed specifically for prismatic cells, compatible cells include:
    • REPT 280 Ah LFP
    • EVE 304 Ah LFP
    • Custom busbar available (let me know which cell you'd like us to offer)


  • Assemble pack first, then tighten busbars last, so you don't put any strain on the cell terminals. 
  • Always use some kind of lock nut or lock washer, so the thermal cycling doesn't loosen the connection.
  • Use a torque wrench to tighten to cell providers recommended torque


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