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Internal Resistance Tester - SM8124A

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Test the Voltage and AC impedance of any battery type. This handheld Internal Resistance Battery Tester can determine the AC impedence of your battery cells. It is very useful for when you'd like to get match cells in a string. It also functions as a voltage meter.


  • Micro Power Smart Meters
  • Resistance Measurement: .001 ~ 20 Ω
  • Voltage Measurement: 0 ~ 200 V
  • Display: LCD
  • Low Voltage prompt
  • Model: SM8124A 
  • Size:130×72×30mm 


  • Internal resistance Measurement Range:
    • 0.2 ohm (Ω) with resolution of 0.1 milliohm (mΩ)
    • 2 ohm (Ω) with resolution of 1 milliohm (mΩ)
    • 20 ohm (Ω) with resolution of 10 milliohm (mΩ)
  • Voltage Measurement Range:
    • 0~2V with resolution of 1mV
    • 2V~20V with resolution of 10mV
    • 20~200V  with resolution of 100mV
  • Working Environment temperature: -10~40C 
  • Power: One 9V Battery (not included) 


The instrument should not exceed the test voltage 200V, otherwise it will cause permanent damage to the instrument. Red lead should be connected to high voltage end of the battery (positive side), black lead should be connected to the battery's low voltage end of the measured (negative side). It is advised to remove the batteries when stored for long periods of time. Only test on battery terminals to avoid damaging the instrument.

Shipping Details:

  • Shipping time is 3~5 days, when out of stock  reorder time is 15~18 days

The SM8124A comes highly recommended, watch this review video:


  • Can this measure the internal resistance of small SLA batteries?
    • Answer: Yes
  • Can the 4 wire probe resistance measurement accurately measure low resistance short copper and nickel battery straps (no battery)?
    • Answer: Resolution on the 0.2 Ohm range is 0.1 Mili Ohm, that may be enough
  • Will this work to measure the internal resistance of a 3.2v 280 ah lifepo4 cell?
    • Answer: Yes, it will. The voltage of the cell does not matter. The device uses a Kevin 4 wire measurement technique
  • Does it have calibration certificate?
    • Answer: Sorry it does not come with calibration certificate but the manufacturer calibrates all meters before shipping
  • Can it perform 1000-hertz ac internal resistance (ac-ir) and open-circuit voltage (ocv) battery test?
    • Answer: It measures battery Internal Resistance with voltage at 1000hz
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