Nissan LEAF Module Gen 2 Details

Nissan LEAF Module Gen 2 Details

Module Description:

The Nissan LEAF module contains 4x Lithium LMO pouch cells.  It has a 2s2p configuration, so the middle terminal is to connect between the series cells.

  • Model: Nissan Leaf 2016
  • Original Application: EV
  • Chemistry: LMO
  • Manufacturer: Nissan/Mitsubishi
  • Production Year: 2016
  • Cell OEM: AESC
  • Nominal Voltage: 7.3 V
  • Form Factor: Module
  • Nameplate Capacity (Ah): 83.33 Ah
  • Nameplate Capacity (KWh): 0.63 KWh

Changes from Gen 1 to Gen 2

There is no need for an A and B type module, to swap terminal locations you can flip the modules over. They are symmetrical on top and bottom.

Cell Configuration:

Nissan Leaf Cell Configuration

Voltage and Current Details:

Cell Nominal Voltage 3.65 V nom
Cell Voltage Range 3 ~ 4.15 V
Recommended Voltage cut-off 4.000 V
Recommended Voltage cut-off 3.300 V
Original Ah Capacity 83.33 Ah
Typical Aftermarket SOH 50~75% SOH
Usable Ah Capacity 42~63 Ah


Hardware Details:

Torque Requirements
Main Terminals M6 5.5±1.0 Nm
Center Tap M4 1.2±0.24 Nm


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