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We customize solutions for large-scale solar, battery, and EV projects, serving DIY enthusiasts, prototype-building startups, and university researchers.


Learn how to build...

• Second Life EV packs
• DIY Power walls
• High Voltage, High Power batteries
• Mobile, RV and marine backup
• Electric bikes, go-karts
• Electric Cars, EV conversions
• Robots, Drones, and RC vehicles

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Testimonials for Off Grid Solar Book

"One of the best Solar Energy books of all time!"
- The BookAuthority

"Off Grid Solar is a great starter book for anyone who wants a better understanding of solar energy in general and the potential of "off grid" solar systems specifically."
- Amazon Review

"This is one of the first books on solar that I personally read and it has become required reading for our employees."
-Global Solar Supply

DIY Energy Storage

Rebuilding Nissan LEAF Batteries

How to Build a Lithium-Ion Battery System for less than $400 per kWh

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Video about building a Solar Yurt