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1.8KW Battery Charger - 48V 60V 72V

Regular price $474.99 USD
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1.8KW Elcon TC Charger for LiPo, LFP, or Lead Acid battery pack for EV, Forklift, Truck, Scooter

Delivery time
Each charger is made to order, we do not carry stock. We need two weeks to build it. Please send us details about your system

Custom Built Design
In order to confirm if our charger is suitable for your battery pack, please send the following information to us by email:

  1. battery type or chemistry
  2. number of cells in series
  3. capacity of battery pack(AH)
  4. The maximum charge voltage
  5. DO you need CAN interface?  If yes, then tell us the BMS brand. Currently we support EMUS, Orion, and Ligoo BMS.

Product Features

  • Working efficiency: 94%
  • IP67 waterproof
  • intelligent temperature compensation to the battery during charging, which improves lifespan of batteries
  • Work compatible with BMS like Orin,, Emus, Ligoo, etc.
Protection features
  • Output over voltage protection
  • Output over current protection
  • Output short circuit protection
  • Input under voltage protection
  • Charge over heat protection
  • Battery over heat protection

Control mode: CAN or Enable
led indicator: Yes
with DC/AC cable: No
Quick charge: Yes
Intelligent Charge: Yes
Display screen: No
Size: L203*W103*H125mm
Water proof:IP66: '
Warranty: 1 years
Cool method: Air cooled as default