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Battery Active Balancer Equalizer for lithium cells

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Brand Name: QNBBM
Accessory Type: Battery Accessories
Model Number: DBBM-LI-LED-3V
Available battery type: LIFEPO4,LTO,NCM LMO ect
work efficiency: over 94%: Relative humidity:45%~90%
working temperature: -10~+50degC
storage temperature: -40~+70degC
LED: yes 2 pcs on each module
Power consumption: less than 50mW
Nominal Capacity: no limitation for battery capacity
Battery Pack volt: valid for 6V 9V12V 24V36V48V72V till 1000V
Power consumption for led: 1Wh per day per led
Application: All lithium battery powered device
Size: 85*45*25mm
Net weight: 100g per pcs
Warranty: 3 years
lifespan: 8+ years