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Battery Tester with PC Software Control up to 30V and 20A

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Introducing the EBC-A20 Battery Tester for precision testing of lithium and lead-acid batteries. This high-quality tester boasts a suite of features, making it an indispensable tool for assessing battery capacity with remarkable accuracy.

Key Features

  • Charge and Discharge Functionality: The EBC-A20 supports both charge and discharge functions, delivering a maximum power of 85W. With a charging capacity of 5A and discharging capacity of 20A, this tester ensures thorough evaluations of battery performance.
  • Versatile Testing: Equipped for separate charge and discharge, as well as charge-discharge-charge tests, this model offers flexibility in assessing various battery scenarios. It does not support NiMH and NiCd charging.
  • Computer Connectivity: Seamlessly connect the tester to your computer for extended functionality through dedicated PC software. This enables repeated charging and discharging cycles, along with additional features accessible online.

Product Specifications

  • Precisely adjust voltage and current settings:
    • Discharge 0~30V and up to 20A
    • Charge 0~18V and up to 5A
    • The tester accommodates automatic current limit adjustments to prevent power overruns.
  • Mode Settings:
    • DSC-CC for constant discharge current
    • DSC-CP for constant discharge power
    • CHG-CV for constant current constant voltage charging.
    • The tester supports automatic charging-discharge-charging modes for comprehensive battery capacity tests.
  • LCD Display:
    • The LCD screen provides real-time data on voltage, current, capacity, time, power, and energy during tests, ensuring easy monitoring and analysis.
  • Computer Online Integration:
    • Utilize the dedicated USB to TTL serial port for seamless computer connectivity. This allows for control, curve plotting, calibration benchmarking, firmware upgrades, and cycle charge/discharge operations.
  • Model: EBC-A20
  • Power Supply: 20Vdc, 3.5A
  • Size: 150x180 mm

Package Includes:

  • 1x EBC-A20 Battery Tester
  • 1x USB cable
  • 1x Test lead cable
  • 1x Power adapter

Enhance your battery testing capabilities with the EBC-A20 Battery Tester – Order now for precise and reliable results.