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Compression Plates for Prismatic Cells, 2x

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This product includes two (2x) compression plates to compress your prismatic cells. Compression plates extend the life of your cells.

Let me know if you need a different dimension for your cell type.

Cell Width is the number of rows of cells that you have. The photos show all double wide, but I can make other versions too. I have pricing for single wide compression plates for only one row of cells.

The holes on the face of the plate are for tightening 1/4" threaded rod. See photos for examples.

Why do I need compression plates? I am glad you asked!

When lithium batteries are charged to 100% or higher, they begin to physically expand or swell under the pressure. It is mostly the effect of the high voltage potential inside the battery and is not necessarily related to temperature. If the cells are not mechanically constrained under pressure, then gases are released and then they cannot get reabsorbed again during discharge. 

In addition to swelling at high voltages, over time cells tend to swell with age since their properties change and reaching max voltages becomes more likely. For this reason, cells tend to expand slightly as they age. For Pouch cell construction, consider allowing for some expansion, this can be done with some thin foam between each cell.

Here is a prismatic cell that swelling from over charging

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