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Compression Plates for Prismatic Cells, 2x

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The pair of compression plates are designed to extend the life of your prismatic cells. Each shipment includes two compression plates to effectively compress your cells and mitigate the negative effects of swelling.

The plates feature holes on the face for tightening 1/4" threaded rods, ensuring secure compression. By utilizing compression plates, you prevent gas release during charging, as well as the inability to reabsorb gases during discharge, which occurs when cells are not mechanically constrained under pressure.

Select 280Ah for the common and standard prismatic cells like CATL, REPT, EVE, Gotion, Hithium, Lishen, Great Power, etc.  280Ah cells are typically 174, 72, 207mm.

Custom dimensions are available upon request.


Why do I need compression plates? I am glad you asked!

It's important to note that lithium batteries tend to expand or swell when charged to 100% or higher, regardless of temperature. Moreover, cells may naturally swell with age due to changes in their properties and the likelihood of reaching maximum voltages. For pouch cell construction, we recommend allowing some room for expansion, which can be achieved by using thin foam between each cell.

Investing in compression plates not only enhances the longevity of your cells but also promotes their overall stability and performance.

Here is a prismatic cell that swelling from over charging