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BMS Kit for 48V system includes fuses, contactor, precharge, terminals, etc.

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Build your own DIY Powerwall safely with a UL recognized BMS!

Note: This is a kit that you assemble yourself, all the major components are included, but some sense wires, terminal connections, and hardware are not included.


  • One large BMS to manage up to 15kW of power
    • 300A, 200A, and 150A variants
  • Designed for 12V, 24V, and 48V applications. Compatible with Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP)Li-Ion NMC, or Lead Acid 2V cells.
  • BMS is UL certified to 991/1998
  • BMS comes with browser-based dashboard for battery details. Learn more about Nuvation Energy’s BMS!

Nuvation BMS now sold separately

Please note that the Nuvation BMS should be purchased separately and directly from the Nuvation website. This kit is compatible with the following low voltage BMS kits:

  • NUV300-BC-16-KIT-232
  • NUV300-BC-16-KIT-732
  • NUV300-BC-16-KIT-234
  • NUV300-BC-16-KIT-734

Components included in the kit:

  • 2x Contactor, +400A/-200A, UL1604
    • Optional to remove one contactor if you use the GPO on the inverter
  • Current Shunt 0.5% accurate
  • Fuse, Class T 110A ~ 400A (depending on variation)
    • 20kA interrupt capacity for all versions
  • Precharge circuit: (Optional to remove if your inverter has a built in pre-charge)
    • Pre charge contactors, rated up to 1200VDC
    • Resistor 10 OHM 1% 50W (other options available upon request)
  • 5/16” studs at the terminal for battery, charger, inverter connections.

Sold Separately:

  • Nuvation Low-Voltage BMS 16 channel (NUV300-BC-16-KIT), UL991/1998 certified
  • All BMS sense wires such as thermistors and cell voltage sense wires (included in Nuvation BMS kit)
  • High current wiring between contactors, shunt, and distribution block
  • Copper Busbars for cell terminals
  • All wiring/connections between stack switch gear and battery
  • Weather proof enclosures

Lead Time:

Not all components are stocked so please allow ~2 weeks for delivery.

Technical Resources:

Nissan LEAF Assembly Instructions

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