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2P Busbar Kit for LFP 280Ah Prismatic Cells

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Kit Includes:

  • 14x 2P (4 hole) busbars
  • 6x 2 hole busbars

Flexible busbars specifically designed for prismatic cells.

Are you building a 2P pack using two cells in a P-group? These flexible copper busbars are designed for connecting 4 terminals of 280Ah Prismatic LiFePO4, Lithium, Li-ion cells. The dimensions are length of 235mm, a width of 20mm, and a thickness of 2mm. The soft connection design provides protection to the screw without exerting excessive force.

With a hole distance of 72mm, these busbars offer sufficient flexibility to accommodate a wide range of hole spacing requirements. The mesh weaving ensures a soft, durable, and fold-resistant structure, allowing for easy bending and adaptation to various configurations.

Before purchasing, please verify the dimensions to ensure compatibility with your cell type and specifications. See dimensions of cell in photos.