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JK BMS for Lithium NMC, LFP, or LTO

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Product Overview

Discover the cutting-edge technology of our JK Active Balancer BMS—a lithium battery smart management system meticulously crafted for large-capacity series lithium battery packs. This comprehensive BMS is equipped with a multitude of features, ensuring optimal performance, longevity, and user-friendly control.

Active Balancing Technology

Benefit from our proprietary active balancing technology featured in the Active Balancer BMS. This technology provides maximum battery consistency, instilling confidence in the reliable performance of your battery. What's more, it contributes to an extended battery life by intelligently delaying the aging process.

Mobile App Compatibility

It comes with a companion mobile app compatible with iOS and Android versions 7 and higher. Seamlessly connect via Bluetooth to operate charging and discharging switches, monitor the battery's operational state, and adjust the BMS's settings. Its compact size, ease of use, and feature-packed design make it an ideal choice for various applications, including solar power stations, walkers, shared cars, high-power storage, base station backup power, and tiny sightseeing automobiles.

Detailed Technical Specifications

Description Up to 24S - 120A Up to 24S - 200A
Number of cells in series Li-ion 7S~24S
Lifepo4 8S-24S
LTO 12S~24S
Li-ion 7S~24S
Lifepo4 8S-24S
LTO 12S~24S
Cont. Current 120A 200A
Working Voltage 20~100V
Balancing Type Active Balance Active Balance
Active Balance Current 0.6A 2A
MOSFET 0.65mΩ 0.47mΩ
Continuous Discharge Current 120A 200A
Peak Discharge Current 250A 350A
Overcurrent Protection Adjustable (10A-120A)
Single Cell Voltage Scale 1-5V
Voltage Accuracy ±3mV
Overcharge Protection Voltage 1.2V-4.35V (adjustable)
Overcharge Protection Release 1.2V-4.55V (adjustable)
Overcurrent Protection Release Time 2S-120S (adjustable)
Overdischarge Protection Voltage 1.2V-4.35V (adjustable)
Overdischarge Protection Release 1.2V-4.35V (adjustable)
Temperature Sensor Quantity 3
Short Circuit Protection YES
BT Function Support Android and iOS
GPS Remote Control Support
Other Communication Ports RS485/CAN (customizable)
Size 162mm, 102mm, 20mm


 Product Description

  • Integrated temperature sensors
  • RS485 and CANBUS interface (RS485 default)
  • LCD interface screen (not included)
  • Heat Function Interface (not included)
  • GPS remote control capability. (not included)
  • Temperature sensor quantity: 3 for comprehensive thermal management.
  • Bluetooth (BT) function supports Android and iOS for convenient control.
  • Other communication ports: RS485/CAN (customizable).
  • Compact size for easy integration into various systems.

Technical Support

Smart Phone App for Bluetooth link:

  • Search (JIKONG BMS) in the Apple APP Store
  • Search (JK BMS) in the Google APP Store