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Nissan LEAF - Set of 7 Modules - Lithium-ion LMO Battery

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Seven modules in series is 51Vdc

Buy multiple sets to increase the capacity per pack. Maximum recommended module is parallel is 6 sets.

State of Health Ranges from 65~75%.

A very common grouping is 4 parallel modules for 28x Nissan Leaf modules that match the Busbar Kit. This is 10 kWh battery pack with 28 modules. It is a 14s8p cell configuration and a 7s4p module configuration.

Don’t forget to purchase a BMS as well!

Module Specifications:

  • Model: Nissan Leaf
  • Original Application: EV
  • Chemistry: LMO
  • Manufacturer: Nissan/Mitsubishi
  • Cell OEM: AESC
  • Nominal Voltage: 7.5 V
  • Form Factor: Module
  • Nameplate Capacity (Ah): 66.67 Ah
  • Nameplate Capacity (KWh): 0.5 KWh

Visit the Technical Resources Page for more detailed specifications on the LEAF modules.