Custom Battery Pack with Sol-Ark Inverter

Custom Battery Pack with Sol-Ark Inverter

Solar + BESS Project in Joshua Tree

Project Details
  • LFP prismatic cells (REPT 280Ah)
  • 16S2P configuration, 51.2V nom, 560 Ah, 28kWh Capacity
  • Nuvation BMS and custom stack switchgear (link)
  • Compression end plates to extend life of prismatic cells (link)
  • Custom bus bars for 16S2P configuration (link)
  • Sol-Ark 12kW Inverter (link)
  • AC coupled solar PV 5kW-AC
    • Enphase micro-inverters
  • Application
    • Time of Use Reduction
    • Recharge with solar only
    • Zero out meter from 5pm-8pm
    • Full house Backup via Sol-Ark

 Design it first!


Planning for the placement on the wall

Assembling the cells. Tighten the compression plates first, then the busbars

Getting closer!

Configuring the BMS

Ok, how do I program this inverter?

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